Eastern Micro-Graphics, Inc.
d/b/a New England Archives Center
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  • NEAC has over Sixty years experience in providing records management services for institutions and businesses throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic States.
  • NEAC is one of the largest privately held Document Service Bureaus in the United States. Most of our key personnel have been employed for many years. We are a full service company providing the services outlined below. Our core business is document conversion and we have developed many positive controls for monitoring production and quality. Our experience spans several decades and many changes in technology.
  • Our services span four major areas
  • Records Storage and Media Storage
  • Microfilming Services, Equipment and Supplies
  • Document Scanning and Conversion Services
  • Document Management Services (Equipment, Software, and Support)
  • Logistics and control are key to the workflow involved in a major conversion project. NEAC employees perform all services. All employees have signed confidentiality agreements and are fully trained in all procedures. A staff of over 50 personnel is trained in all facets of our records management operations. The Mass Department of Revenue has performed background checks on all NEAC employees as a condition of employment. NEAC also maintains a Written Information Security Plan (WISP) in compliance with State Regulation 201CMR.
  • All pick-up and delivery is by NEAC employees in company owned and insured vehicles.
  • Certified destruction is via shredding and re-cycling or via incineration. No records are left in “whole form” and no materials go into landfills.
  • NEAC is NQA-1 approved for positive control of single copy records. This procedure is part of the requirement for doing business with companies that deal with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission of the US Government.

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